What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you have a question, want to learn about a current event, or are looking for a new product or service, the first thing you do is look it up on a search engine. SEO is the process of getting your website found by search engines through keywords and backlinks.

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How Much Does SEO Cost?

The Basics

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SEO to help you get started with search engines.

SEO Starter

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For businesses that want to see fast results. 

Enterprise SEO

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Rank your enterprise everywhere.

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Why Do I Need SEO?

Every business needs good SEO because every website needs visitors. Do you sell a product online? Offer a service through a website? Maybe even offer educational classes? If you don’t show up in the search engines, no one will be able to find your business organically, or just by searching. Good SEO helps your business get found organically in search engines and drives people who search for your product or service to your business.

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How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work?

In most cases you’ll start seeing increases in your SEO within 1-3 months, but you’ll really see gains in your organic rankings within 6 months to a year. Organic SEO is a long game, but it's a long game with a huge payoff. Don’t believe us? Check out our case studies where you can see actual numbers from some of our clients. You won’t believe the results we can get in 6-10 months.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines consider many variables when deciding what results to display, so your website needs to show the search engine that you’re the best choice for the number 1 ranking. Search Engines only display the most relevant results, so the job of a good Search Engine Optimizer or SEO is to make sure your site is the most relevant for the right audience. A good SEO helps your website by creating backlinks from other credible websites, researching and ranking for the right keywords and organizing data, information and your website so that search engines can find and rank you for the right searches.

Why Choose Linkasaur.us?

Apart from a proven track record of success, a passion for the work and a genuine interest in seeing your business succeed, Linkasaur.us is a company built on integrity and hard work. We believe in producing the highest quality work and results. We don’t cut corners, we don’t use shady black hat techniques and we keep it all above board. We believe in being fair and honest. You can expect a great experience working with us and we’ll work everyday to make sure you're glad you chose to work with us.