Podium Case Studies

Case Studies

Straightline Collision Shifts Gears for Maximum Convenience with Podium [Case Study]

What drove me to Podium was the quick and easy one-step process in getting a review request sent to my ...
Case Studies

How Tire Outlet communicates trust throughout the Sunshine State with Podium

78 Average Webchat Leads per Month 253 Total Webchat Conversations Podium has become a tool that we use every day ...
Case Studies

How to put a new dental practice on the map with The Smile Studio and Podium Reviews.

After talking to experts in SEO, I realized the importance of being found through search engines and online reviews were ...
Case Studies

Giving patients at Inspire Dental Group something to smile about with Podium

66 Average Webchat Leads per Month 13% Conversion Rate of Webchat Leads Not only is it a good lead, but ...

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7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

If you’re asking the question “Why does my small business need a website?” it may be because you have seen ...

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