Custom Plugins


What Are Custom Plugins?

As has worked with clients, business partners and other companies, we’ve heard them ask for specialized tools. So we decided to make that “tool” or “calculator” come to life! Custom plugins are exactly that, you want some part of your business to be a little more automated, or you want your customers to be able to access a free tool as a way to drive traffic and sales, (great idea by the way), let us build it!

Solar Calculator Custom Plugin

We just finished this custom solar calculator plugin. If you're interested in using this plugin on your site, contact us for details! If you want another custom plugin, let us know!


Linkasaur Desk and person

More Coming Soon

We have 2-3 more solar calculator tools that are next in production, including an on-grid solar calculator, a cable calculator and then following those we’re already designing an SEO auditing tool, a Google review calculator and more! Stay tuned as these tools are released for demos and pricing information.

I Want A Custom Plugin, How Can I Make That Happen?

If you’re interested in building a custom calculator or tool for your business, great! Let’s get in touch to talk about functionality, design, implementation and get you a quote.