Top SEO Resources: Where to Start

SEO can be intimidating, but with the right resources, you’ll have a great place to start learning the basics. 

There are countless websites, articles, and blogs with SEO content so it can be tough to know where to begin. 

We’ve used plenty of online resources to supplement our own education, experience, and this blog and we want to share what we’ve learned along with the resources that have helped us.

In this article, you’ll find informational series, tools, blogs, and courses from reputable sources to help begin your dive into SEO. 


Google SEO Starter Guide 

While a little dense if you’re new to SEO, Google’s own starter guide to SEO gives a transparent look into exactly what Google’s algorithm searches for when ranking websites. 

Keeping an eye on changes here (as there are many regularly) can only help you and your business rank higher with Google, the most used search engine.

Things that worked several years ago may not be applicable at all today.

In fact, check out the whole Google Webmaster Central Blog for the latest updates and helpful tips.

Moz’s Beginners Guide to SEO 

Moz is one of the leading websites on articles and tools, free and paid for, to improve your SEO.

This comprehensive, 10-page beginners’ guide is extremely useful for those just learning their way around SEO and the terminology.

While you’re at it, take a minute (or an hour) to explore their blog here

Some popular posts from the Moz Blog:

A Beginner’s Guide to Ranking in Google Maps

Why Site Speed Still Matters

The Rules of Link Building 

Everything You Need to Know About SEO 

A helpful compilation of informational articles about SEO basics–from the foundations to the technical side of things.

With loads of data and infographics, the resources are both informative and easy to read. 

Creating a SEO Strategy

Directly from a Google employee, you can learn the basics of creating your own SEO strategy from scratch–a must for anyone with a website. 


I’ve included only free tools below for the sake of this article, but there are plenty of keyword finder and analytics tools available for a small fee for those interested in diving in a little deeper with their SEO.

Here are a few of the best free tools anyone can access:

Google Search Console

A Google-provided suite of tools that helps to better understand how Google views your website and how it can better perform within Google searches.

Check here first, before you go searching for other tools.

Here is a quick article on using these tools by the HubSpot SEO team. 

Hubspot’s Website Grader

This tool is helpful in understanding where to start with your website.

Hubspot’s website grader lets you know where you can improve on a basic level.

For further details, reach out to us and we’d be happy to audit your website and let you know how we can help you improve!

Broken Link Checker

One of the quickest ways to damage your website ranking is to have a broken link.

Inserting your URL to this website will let you know if you have any broken links to fix and improve your website immediately.  

Answer The Public 

You’ve heard the saying, ‘content is king’, and it is.

Now, have you ever sat at your desk, completely at a loss for what to write about?

What does your audience even want to know? 

You don’t want to waste your effort writing something completely irrelevant.

That’s where Answer The Public comes in.

They have a free version that’s a great place to start answering your content questions.

Just type in a couple of your keywords and it will show you the recent questions people searched with your keywords.

Answer these burning questions, directly from the public, and you’ve got excellent content. 


Podium is an interaction management platform and reputation management tool.

While many of their plans will cost you, they’ve recently added a free tier to their program that helps generate reviews for your business as well as turn your landline into a textable number, making contact with your customers simple and effective.

With all interactions in one, seamless platform, connecting with your customers has never been easier. 


Although we’ve mentioned several blogs already, there are so many quality, SEO-focused blogs out there to share.

Here are a few more of our personal favorites:

SEO Journal

Not only does SEO Journal include the latest on SEO news, but they also have helpful guides for those just learning SEO.

If you have a question about anything SEO-related, you’ll likely find the answer here.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel has years of experience in not only SEO, but content marketing, social media management, paid ads, and email marketing as well.

His blog is packed with useful tips, information, and tools to help you improve your website traffic and conversion rates. 


Brian, the founder of Backlinko, focuses on quality over quantity and often publishes his own studies.

Any SEO professional would be happy to admit they have learned a lot from Brian, and his content is important to follow. 


Aside from being one of the most popular SEO tools used by professionals, Ahrefs has an outstanding blog full of free resources and informational articles written by their team and guest writers. 

Search Engine Watch

With several different categories, including SEO, content, PPC, and industry news, Search Engine Watch covers most anything you’ll need to know as you start to improve your rank.

Of course!

We aim to update our blog regularly with content that will help the small business owner to make the most of their website.

We provide resources, tips, and personalized services to improve your online presence and convert more leads into business for you. 


For those more intrigued by SEO and determined to dive in head first, there are plenty of quality options for courses, free and paid.

Moz Academy 

We cannot recommend Moz’s courses and website enough.

The video tutorials and instruction have everything from the very basics of SEO to the complex for more advanced learners, and they pack everything into their array of courses.

You can choose from individual topics or enroll in several as a package to cover more than one topic you’re interested in.  

Hubspot Free SEO Crash Course

Short and sweet, this course is a series of emails that take you through the basics of SEO and teaches you to choose the right keywords, make sure search engines understand your content, and cover both on-page and off-page SEO.  

SEMrush Academy

One of the leading providers of tools for SEO specialists has an entire learning center, full of free lessons and courses on a range of topics:

SEO fundamentals, content marketing, PPC, and more. 

All of the resources we’ve provided are certainly worth checking out, especially as you begin learning more and more about SEO.