Top 7 Tips For Keeping Your Business Alive During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Let’s face it:

Every small to medium business owner is either very nervous, or totally freaking out because of the restrictions put in place to stop the Coronavirus. 

We’re pretty nervous.

But we know several businesses who have had to close their doors due to the quarantine. 

So what’s a business owner to do? 

We have 7 tips to help keep your business profitable during the Corona quarantine. 

  1. Go Digital
  2. E-Commerce
  3. Isolated Social Events
  4. Write
  5. Give To Those Affected
  6. Improve Your SEO
  7. Plan For Post-Coronavirus 

Go Digital

Most businesses will have some way to go digital. Start a podcast, a YouTube Channel, stream show people what you do.

I have a family member who is a race director for marathons. He was really nervous about what he was going to do.

Now he’s working on “virtual racing” so people can still exercise, run races, get medals and swag.

With all the social distancing, there will be more people than ever interested in these virtual races.

Check out what he’s doing over at

He’s also using social media to connect people wherever they are so they can all run “together”.


If you sell some kind of product, now is the time to build an awesome E-Commerce website.

Having an online store will give you a way to keep your digital doors open even if your physical doors have to close.

We built a really cool E-Commerce store for SanTan Solar and business is busier than ever for them!

Check it out over at is also offering discounts on E-Commerce websites during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Isolated Social Events

This is a weird time because I can’t go outside much right now, but I’ve never had so much contact with my family.

Apart from a group text my immediate family and extended family are using Facebook, instagram, marco polo and twitter to talk about everything from the end of the world and earthquakes to how grandkids are doing today.

Businesses can use any and all of these social media platforms to engage with their customers.

Even if you aren’t making sales, now is the time to show your customers what kind of business you really are.

When everything cools back down, customers will remember who was contributing to some form of greater good and who was trying to take advantage of people for their own gain.

Show your customers that you love and support your community, not that you want to suck it dry.


From a digital marketing and SEO perspective, content is king!

If you’re inside working from home, write!

Offer people advice on how to deal with this unique situation, give people some quick wins!

Whatever your industry is, everyone has something they can write to help their customers.

If you own a restaurant, write a recipe that people can cook from home.

If you’re a plumber, help people learn how to unclog a toilet on their own.

If you’re a lawyer, write about some of the interesting legalities of the Coronavirus and the presidential or gubernatorial executive orders.

Anything surrounding the Coronavirus is really interesting and people want to read about it.

In addition, coming from a journalistic standpoint we need more authoritative writers and content.

My family sends me tons of articles with outlandish claims everyday.

There are a lot of people writing fake news all for the clicks and we can combat that with expertise and knowledge.

Write something good to give people a quick win.

Give To Those Affected

This is one of the best tips on this list.

First, if you can donate to the sick, hospitals, or businesses, you should because it’s the right thing to do.

Second, when you donate to the sick, hospitals and businesses people notice and appreciate that.

Right now you can probably think of several companies that are giving or partnering with the government to help with this crisis.

Amazon, Walmart, Tesla are a few that come to mind.

When people hear about businesses giving back, they want to support that business.

We all feel a little better about that Amazon purchase when we hear they’re supporting doctors during this Corona crisis.

And we’ll go back happy to shop at a moral business.

Give back.

It’s the right thing to do and it’ll come back to benefit you and your business. 

Improve Your SEO

Now more than ever you have a chance to get found on Google locally.

People are stuck inside all day, so they’ll be searching for products, services or questions all day.

Improving your SEO now will have long term positive effects.

The team at can get your site SEO ready in a very short time.

You’ll never regret improving your website and your online presence. 

Plan For Post-Coronavirus 

You probably have some time on your hands.

Now is a great time to plan your incredible business come back.

Small business owners are always swamped, take this time to make some plans for the next year.

Plan your marketing, your SEO, your digital presence, your website.

Take this time to make your business better. actually just launched a new design and that was finished during this Coronavirus quarantine. 

Good luck to all our small business friends. 

We at want to help however we can, so if you want some help we’re happy to offer free consultations and discounted services to get your business going and stay afloat. 

Remember to stay 6 feet away!