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SanTan Solar hired Linkasaur to design a new website, improve search engine optimization and generate traffic through digital marketing.

SanTan Solar is a solar panel wholesaler who works in the liquidation market. 

They’re located in Gilbert Arizona and locally service Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, San Tan Valley and the major Phoenix area.

They also ship world wide.

SanTan Solar wanted to develop an omni-channel marketing strategy to increase revenue. 

Linkasaur helped SanTan Solar design a new website and e-commerce shopping platform, plan, design and implement digital ads on Facebook and Google and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy. 

The strategy included keyword focused content, backlink development and a reputation management solution to improve online visibility and offline relationships. 

With all of these strategies in place SanTan Solar has been able to quadruple their sales in 6 months, along with increasing their digital presence in their target markets.

Context, Challenge and Insight

SanTan Solar was poised to explode with a good product at a great price.

They brought Linkasaur on to increase revenue through detailed marketing strategy.

Because the team at SanTan Solar was small there were several opportunities to implement a new marketing strategy and capitalize on their niche market.

They were excited to try new ideas, which gave Linkasaur a lot of room to develop a unique strategy. The following became the objectives: 

  • Design a website capable of international sales in multiple languages
  • Implement an e-commerce platform that included a freight cost calculator and shipping
  • Create educational content targeting SanTan Solar’s niche market and DIY solar installation
  • Research and implement targeted keywords throughout new website 
  • Develop high quality backlinks 
  • Improve reputation management online
  • Implement improved email marketing strategy
  • Design and implement a digital advertising

The Solution

SanTan Solar had been operating with a WordPress website designed by the sales team and was getting less than 100 visitors a week.

In addition to the website, they had no e-commerce system, meaning all sales had to be handled via email or phone through 1 of the 2 salesmen.

Developing a high quality, mobile friendly website that allowed for sales automation was a must. 

SanTan Solar Website

Once the website was in place, it was time to tackle e-commerce and sales automation. 

Because of the size of the products, typical parcel shipping was not an option, so a special freight e-commerce/shipping program needed to be implemented. 

Through detailed research the Linkasaur team was able to find a shipping solution that allowed for online cost estimation and automatic purchasing, which freed up the sales team and allowed them to work on other sales.

SanTan Solar e-commerce checkout

With the website running and the e-commerce platform launched, the website became monetized and any traffic directed to it could turn into a sale. 

To take advantage of the sales automation a content marketing strategy was implemented to serve multiple purposes: 

1. Create educational content to attract visitors to the website 

2. To implement keywords on the website and start ranking

3. Creating content people would want to read and link to, creating backlink possibilities.

This strategy proved very effective, as SanTan Solar had previously ranked for around 50 keywords in total, they currently rank for almost 1700 and more than 60 of those are on the first page of Google while also increasing backlinks by 99%. 

All of these results drive 25,000 visitors a month to their website.

SanTan Solar Pageviews Graphic

Along with these digital marketing strategies, Linkasaur helped implement an email marketing strategy to drive more traffic to their website.

SanTan Solar had a large email list scattered through several different CRM programs that included leads, previous clients and people who had signed up to receive email updates from the company. 

Linkasaur helped localize all of those emails in 1 CRM and start email marketing to these lists. 

This strategy was a strong contributor to revenue increases.

The final objective was digital advertising.

Linkasaur used Google and Facebook ads to drive traffic to the website, blogs and other quality websites to help convert leads into sales. 

Retargeting programs were implemented to offer ads via Google and Facebook to those who had visited the website, encouraging visitors to come back and finish a purchase or article.

These efforts resulted in a 6% increase of returning visitors week over week.

SanTan Solar Returning Visitors

The Results

Linkasaur continues to work with SanTan Solar, but here are some of the results to date: 

Sales saw a 4x jump in just 6 months.

SanTan Solar 4x Sales Increase

Web traffic went from less than 100 visitors a week to more than 25,000 a month.

Organic traffic went from 0 visits a month to just under 4,000.

The e-commerce platform started at $0 revenue and in less than 5 months generated 6 figures.

SanTan Solar e-commerce sales

And this is just the beginning. 

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