Janette Freeman Case Study


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Dr Freeman asked Linkasaur to design a new website to increase her website traffic and grow her business.

Dr. Janette Freeman is a personal meditation and spiritual wellness coach who helps people find happiness and peace in their lives.

Dr. Freeman hired Linkasaur to redesign her old website and optimize the redesigned website for digital marketing and SEO best practices.

Linkasaur designed and developed a mobile friendly, SEO optimized e-commerce website that helped triple her sales, increase website traffic conversion and highlight an already successful relationship management strategy.

Context and Challenge

Dr. Freeman was offering a service in a niche market that had good clients, but needed better marketing for herself, her services and products.

While consulting with Dr. Freeman the following objectives were decided upon and implemented:

  • Design a website to showcase Dr. Freeman expertise and experience, while also driving customers to book and other product sales
  • Design and implement an e-commerce store
  • Design a mobile friendly version of the site, to create a more user-friendly experience using WordPress 
  • Implement SEO best practices for better search engine visibility, digital marketing success and reputation management

The Process and Insight

Dr. Freeman needed a user-friendly website that established her as a professional service provider while driving web traffic to her products.

She wanted the home page to focus on her credentials and her story, while still appealing to her target market.

Dr. Janette Freeman Homepage snippet

She wanted to maintain her current branding, but expand and better display what services she offered.

Linkasaur worked with Dr. Freeman to develop a design that met her needs and functioned as a powerful digital marketing tool for her business. 

The Solution

Linkasaur collaborated extensively with Dr. Freeman on images, graphics, promotional materials and site design to develop her website.

Because much of what Dr. Freeman does is service based in a niche market, a creative approach had to be taken to help people understand what her services are and what products she offers.

In the end, a testimonial focused website was decided upon and created. 

Testimonials from past clients were key to a successful website.

Having past clients describe their positive experiences give new visitors a look into her work and help them understand the unique services offered.

Dr. Janette Freeman Pageviews

Creating a website with a reputation management strategy not only helps establish her as a credible service provider but implements a reputation management strategy that is cohesive with her SEO and digital marketing goals. 

Her business had slowed recently, but the website redesign in September provided her with a much needed spike in business, backlinks and keywords.

The Results

Since the launch of the new website, Dr. Freeman boasts a 3x sales increase, a powerful lead generation tool and a functioning e-commerce platform where she can sell in her sleep.

Dr. Janette Freeman Sales Growth

Working with Dr. Freeman allowed Linkasaur to develop an in-depth website design focused on digital marketing. 

*Linkasaur builds its websites with a friendly front end builder, allowing businesses to make their own changes once the site has gone live. Current versions of the website might have been changed by the business owner.

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