James Worchester Case Study


James Worchester Website Logo

James Worchester contracted with Linkasaur to design a new website and keep the traffic on his website and directed to his e-commerce store.

James Worchester is an author of science fiction and horror short stories.

He writes under the pen name Worchester Street.

In collaboration with Worchester it was determined that a website would be an effective way to house his stories, while driving traffic to his book and YouTube channel to monetize his work.

The website went through a few variations, and finally settled on a blog focused website that encourages readers read one story after another.

James Worchester Homepage

These changes resulted in an increase in sales and website traffic in less than 3 months.

Context and Challenge

The challenge for Worchester was creating a website that was blog focused while still encouraging people to explore the website.

He was generating lots of traffic and views on reddit, but was unable to monetize the stories on reddit, so creating a website that housed his older stories and redirected people to his book, YouTube channel and podcast was critical to monetizing his work so he could continue to write. 

Process and Solution

Linkasaur came in with a content focused mindset to bring his goals to life.

We started by creating a homepage that featured some of his best stories and from those stories directing visitors to a part 2 or 3 or another popular story, with the goal of increasing visitor time spent on site.

We also had to focus on designing an easy to read page to house the stories.

Adding all forms of the media (video, audio and text) was a crucial part of directing traffic to his omni-channel strategy. 


All these efforts resulted in some very positive numbers for Worchester.

He had multiple readers on reddit, but didn’t have exact numbers.

With the launch of the website he had 81,000 pageviews in the first month after the site launch.

To date (less than 3 months) he has had 180,000 pageviews.

James Worchester Pageviews

All this traffic directed towards his website has increased his book sales, YouTube views and podcast downloads dramatically.

He regularly has several hundred readers on his website at a time.

He currently averages just above 3,000 pageviews a day, and results and improvements are still coming.