How To Add A Page To The Menu In WordPress

There are a few ways to add items to the menu and your developer might use different tools varying from the “Appearance” section to Beaver Themer or a UABB module. 

In this guide we’ll talk about all 3. 

Adding a page to the menu from the WordPress admin view

To add a menu item from the admin view, make sure you’re logged in to your website by adding /wp-admin to your URL. Once logged in you’ll see the admin view. 

On the left side of the page there’s a black bar with menu items in it. Look for the appearance tab and hover over it. 

A submenu will open, look for “menus” and select it. 

Once the “menus” page opens you’ll see an option to create a new menu. 

Once you title and create your new menu, you’ll see on the left side some recent pages and options to view all pages. From this left menu you can select which pages you want to add to the menu, probably something like the home page, about page, or contact page. 

Select those by clicking the checkmark next to the page and then clicking the “Add to Menu” button. 

Once the pages you want show up in the center of the page, make sure “Top Bar Menu” and “Header Menu” are selected. This tells WordPress where to display the pages you’ve selected. 

You can also select “Footer Menu” and add the menu to the footer. 

Make sure you save your menu. 

That’s it for adding menu items from the admin view. 

To remove a menu item, simply click on the dropdown arrow and towards the bottom of the dropdown menu select “Remove”. 

Add and Remove Menu Items Using Beaver Themer

Add and Remove Menu Items Using UABB

To add and remove an item using a UABB module, you first need to add the pages to the menu inside the admin view as described in the steps above. The only difference is don’t select “Top Bar Menu” “Header Menu” and “Footer Menu” but still save the work. 

Navigate to the page where you want to add the menu and open the Beaver Builder editor. 

Click on the plus (+) in the top right corner and make sure to select UABB modules. 

Select the “menu” module and drag it where you’d like to have the menu displayed, usually at the top or bottom of the page. 

Once the module is placed the module menu will pop up. 

Select the menu you built in the admin view. 

From here the menu will appear and you’ll have some style options from inside the module. 

The benefit of building a menu from a UABB module instead of from the WordPress admin section is that you can edit and style the menu from the front end and in some cases, like with footers, it doesn’t come with the WordPress defaults, which aren’t always ideal or easy to change. 

Linkasaur uses all three of these methods depending on the needs of the client. 

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