Google Recommendations During Coronavirus

Wondering how to handle temporarily closing your doors during this Coronavirus quarantine?

Google posted a Webmaster Central Blog detailing some recommendations. 

Keep Your Website Online

First they recommend not pulling your website offline, but just restrict the functionality of your website.

You might disable the cart functionality or mark items as out of stock.

Doing this allows Google to still crawl your website and find the items, so you don’t lose SEO juice and backlinks like you would if you closed your site or removed the items all together.

This has long been the suspected best practice, but Google all but confirmed it today. 

Talk To Customers

Google also recommends notifying customers on your website of how your business is handling this crisis.

Try placing a popup or a banner on your website that links to a dedicated landing page explaining what your company is doing. 

Update Your Information Everywhere

Google also recommends updating structured data, if you use it, updating your sitemap and if you sell products in the merchant feed see their guidelines. 

The blog makes a point to strongly discourage shutting down your website all together, which makes sense.

If your site isn’t there, people won’t know where to find you, what you’re selling nor how you handle this pandemic.

Keeping your site open with limited functionality is the Google and SEO approved best solution, even if business is slowing down.

Set Up E-Commerce

From a web development and SEO perspective now is actually a great time to build an e-commerce platform and start selling products online.

This can be a simple addition to your website, and we’re happy to help however we can at greatly discounted rates. 

Adapt And Thrive

Lastly Google has a few notes about events, marking your hours in Google My Business and communicating with customers.

The recommendation is to try and host virtual events if possible.

There are lots of tools that will allow you to do that in one way or another.

Make sure you update your GMB profile with up to date info and hours and let your clients know what you’re doing and what they can expect from you going forward.

Here at we’re big believers in transparency and now more than ever that seems crucial.

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