Dan Martin, the founder of Linkasaur.us spent years trying to figure out what he wanted to do for work, bouncing between linguistics, marketing and web design.

It took far too long to realize that he could put all those skills together by starting a digital marketing agency.

For a long time, he wanted to work at Google or Amazon, working as a computational linguist on Google Search or Amazon Alexa.

He worked as a WordPress designer to help get through college, getting experience in html, css and WordPress.

He realized during graduate school that he didn't want to work on the other side at Google, but rather as a search engine optimizer/marketer helping people who aren’t tech savvy get a boost.

He wanted to help people with great ideas (his brother is a writer) make money doing what they love.

His computational linguistics background taught him about search algorithms, machine learning and data analysis, and he put that knowledge to work as a marketer for a growing business.

It was there that he realized there are a lot of small and growing business owners that have so much potential but struggled to grow.

These small business owners were stagnant or struggling, not because they were dumb, but because they didn't have any time!

For these small business owners time was their most valuable resource. Thus, the idea for Linkasaur.us was born.

We at Linkasaur.us know that the work we do is helping business owners grow their companies, and we’re passionate about that because you’re passionate about your company!

We make sure that every project we undertake is accomplished with the highest standards.

So let us help you save more of your most precious resource, your time, by taking a few things off your hands.

How can we save you time and help grow your business today?