7 reasons you should use Flywheel to host your WordPress website

Flywheel is my number 1 highest recommended hosting provider.

I’m not just saying that.

I personally host all of my websites using Flywheel.

I’ve also helped several of my friends, colleagues and co-workers get on board.

We all love it.

Flywheel is a one stop shop for WordPress hosting.

Here are my top 7 reasons you should choose Flywheel to host your next WordPress website:

1 Flywheel offers fabulous functionality, but it offers it all for one flat rate.

Other WordPress web hosts promise fantastic features, then they charge you extra for them. 

2 Flywheel is the finest WordPress hosting available. 

Flywheel has everything you need for your WordPress website. 

Their servers are fast and their support is absolutely top-notch. 

Their initial setup tool takes you step-by-step through the creation of your website. 

3 Flywheel optimizes your site with one click. 

Typically upgrading and managing a WordPress site requires experience. 

Flywheel opens the door to all skill levels.

Updating and managing your WordPress website is a full time job. 

You could find yourself wasting valuable time. 

Flywheel helps you manage your site by handling DNS propagation delays, timezone issues, browser caching, or other issues. 

This ensures your website will function well for your users. 

At Flywheel, one click of the optimize button automatically upgrades you to the latest version of WordPress. 

And Flywheel makes the difficult selections for you. 

When bugs are discovered, Flywheel patches them. 

Then they re-optimize your site to recover its creation speed. 

4 Flywheel Offers Unlimited Support 24 / 7. 

The only way Flywheel’s support team can part with your support ticket is if they resolve the issue. 

I’ve found Flywheel support staff to be better trained and more supportive than other providers. 

They don’t have a support phone number, only a webchat, but I’ve come to find that’s a better system in almost every case.

You may find cheaper hosting somewhere else on the Internet, but you’d be hard pressed to find better support anywhere.

5 Flywheel Provides Unlimited Storage and Transfer 

You don’t pay for storage and transfer. 

You get it for free! 

You get unlimited space on your hosting space on their fast servers. 

And that space on your account runs on their website. 

Flywheel is the only web host we’ve seen that does not charge for storage and transfer of your media and downloads on their server. 

6 Flywheel Has Unlimited Bandwidth and Domains 

Storage and transfer has unlimited bandwidth and domains do not increase your bill at Flywheel. 

You will need these features if you want to host multiple sites on the same Flywheel account. 

If you’re using your WordPress website for an eCommerce site, these features will come in especially handy. 

There is one feature that you get on top of data and bandwidth. 

You get free backups.

 No other WordPress website hosting service comes anywhere close. 

You have many excellent reasons to choose Flywheel but this is one of the features they provide that no other site can provide. 

7 Flywheel Provides a Fantastic FREE WordPress Installation 

Very few WordPress hosting companies supply a free WordPress installation in favor of their in-house plugin. 

Some WordPress websites have slow-to-install or otherwise problematic installations.

This can be a drawback in that it takes time from your important content creation.

WordPress installs can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a few minutes. 

This may not sound like a long time, but when you’re creating content for your WordPress website, every second counts. 

So every second is valuable. 

A great solution is Flywheel’s installation of WordPress. 

It will install within a few seconds. 

No external platform is not a WordPress installation script. 

There is a Flywheel designed WordPress installation script built in to the Flywheel dashboard. 

That WordPress installation is integrated with the Flywheel control panel. 

Disabling this feature will give you faster retrieval from your web hosting server. 

It will also prevent having anyone else working on your servers outside Flywheel. 

The script they use integrates directly with Flywheel’s servers. 

It is simple and error free. 


You get it all completely free. 

No extra charge. 

Let’s sum it up.

There are lots of good website hosts out there, I’m a fan of quite a few (I’ll be writing some more posts about other hosts I like later). 

But at the end of the day, my honest recommendation for best bang for your buck, go Flywheel.