5 Ways to Improve Your SEO in Under Fifteen Minutes

1. Get Publicity

Man being interview on the news

One of the best ways to increase your SEO rating is for a respected website to link to yours.

An easy way to get one of these links is through an interview with a reputable news organization.

This tip won’t work for everyone, but almost every project, business, or website has an angle that may be considered newsworthy.

Are you donating half your profits to charity?

Does your entire company consist of only your siblings?

As the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns will tell you, free coverage will beat out paid advertising every time. 

How You Can Implement this Tip:

Consider reaching out to a local (or national!) publication and pitch them an idea for a story.

Make sure you workshop your pitch first.

What makes your business special?

Why should a reporter come out and interview you?

Remember, reporters are looking for stories every day. If a good one falls in their lap, they’ll be likely to look into it.

2. Include Links to Respectable, Authoritative Sites

Linking to authoritative websites like universities

Reboot, a digital marketing agency, recently published a study showing that linking to trusted sites has a positive effect on SEO rankings.

Their study showed that, in a comparison between 10 otherwise identical sites, the 5 that linked to respected websites like Oxford and Cambridge performed better than the 5 that did not.

How You Can Implement this Tip:

Check the content on your website.

Are there any highly respected websites you can refer to in your article?

If you’re writing about baking, it’s not a bad idea to link to a study about yeast.

If your content is marketed towards runners, you might consider linking to a University that’s conducted research into running shoes.

3. Add A Privacy Notice and Terms of Service Page to Your Site

One of the key factors that Google uses when ranking pages is a hidden rating known as TrustRank.

This TrustRank is built over dozens of factors. These range from whether trusted sites link to you, whether you have social media links, and whether or not you have a Privacy/Terms of Service Page. 

How You Can Implement this Tip:

Adding a page that covers your Terms-Of-Service is relatively easy and likely to increase your TrustRank.

If you’re using WordPress, just navigate to your home screen, then click on the “Pages” tab.

You should see something that looks like this:

wordpress page creation

You can click “Add New” under the pages tab to create your new page. Google will periodically check up on your site and will see you’ve included this page, increasing your TrustRank.

4. Use Alt-Tags in Your Pictures 

search engines looking at alt text

When google crawls over your page, they can’t see the pictures you have attached to your website.

That’s why it’s important to have alt tags. These are descriptions of pictures on your website.

They are normally invisible to your users, but they allow Google to get a better idea of what content each page is displaying.

They also allow users with visual impairments using screen reading technology to get some idea of the pictures.

How You Can Implement this Tip:

Go through each picture on your website and ensure that an alt tag is accompanying each one.

While you should be sure to use the keyword you want to rank for, don’t overdo it.

Google is always on the lookout for “keyword stuffing,” which occurs when website owners stuff the keyword they want to rank for in every part of the page.

5. Remove Broken Links

removing broken links from your website

Google uses crawlers to check the pages on your site.

One factor that may be dragging your ranking down is the presence of broken links.

Google has dozens of hidden ways it judges your site, but one of the worst labels you can be saddled with is the name of “abandoned.”

If you have several broken links on your main pages, Google will be much more suspicious of your site and will then rank you lower.

How You Can Implement this Tip:

Click around your site!

Check the links on your toolbar, the links inside your content, and the links inside your pictures.

Open up a dozen tabs and make sure that your site isn’t inadvertently linking to a dead page, either on your own site or on another person’s site.

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